For wedding couples

If you’re looking for a unique vehicle, which will accompany you on the most important day of your life – you have come to the right place! Our vintage buses are hard to miss and they attract attention on the streets. Big space inside the bus allows the bride to travel even in a biggest dress! There is also plenty room for decorations, balloons and flowers. We can also provide additional decorations.

Additionally we offer a second vintage bus, for your wedding guests at a 20% discount.


Our wedding buses are hired for hours, without mileage limit.

We provide vintage bus hire nationwide (Poland)!


JELCZ 120M #072

JELCZ 120MM/1 #9027

Hire up to 5 hours

999 PLN

899 PLN

Hire up to 7 hours

1299 PLN

1149 PLN

Hire up to 12 hours

1999 PLN

1799 PLN

Full day hire

3499 PLN

2999 PLN

Additional services:

decorating the bus from the outside: 49 PLN

decorating the interior of the bus: 49 PLN

– special tickets with your photo: 49 PLN / 10 tickets.

music playback: 49 PLN


All prices include tax.

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