Filmmaking, videoclips

If You are looking for a vintage bus from the 80’s or 90’s to serve as a stage for Your movie our offer is for You! Our vehicles will greatly add to the movies 80’s and 90’s scenery. You will get the feeling that you traveled back in time. We can also accommodate changing the color shame and the interior elements of the buses for the purpose of scenography.


Our wedding buses are hired for hours, without mileage limit.               

We provide vintage bus hire nationwide (Poland)!


120M #072
120MM/1 #9027
O405 N2 #2082
Hire up to 4 hours
899 PLN 799 PLN
799 PLN
Hire up to 8 hours 1599 PLN
1449 PLN
1449 PLN
Hire up to 12 hours 2099 PLN
1899 PLN
1899 PLN
Full day hire
3499 PLN
2999 PLN
2999 PLN

More than one day – prices are calculated individually, please contact us!

All prices include tax.

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